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The Working Class faces barriers to education and job skills training due to economic circumstances, racial bias, and the barriers that white privilege has created. When faced with these barriers young people often are able to get out of their situations through a mentor, teacher, or coach that takes them under their wing. However, this is not enough. We need a massive shift in America to level the playing field for the Working Class. This will require cross-collaboration, coalition building, and changes in legislation.

We’re the Future’s role in this massive shift is to bring together organizations to provide workforce development and training so workers can upgrade their skills. With all of the new technological advances it is critical that workers stay on the cutting edge. Many jobs that are here today will be gone in the near future and done by machines through advances in artificial intelligence.

We’re the Future seeks to partner with universities to research new opportunities for workers and partner with them to create educational pathways for Rank and File Workers. In addition, we want to work with Universities to provide scholarships to workers who have been displaced from their jobs due to layoffs and unfair labor practices. Our organization seeks to partner with organizations that will provide job training opportunities to displaced workers and workers with inconsistent work histories.