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Rank and File Workers are the backbone of the American economy. The labor of the Worker creates the Wealth in America. Over the decades as the big corporations partnered up with government to weaken the power of the Worker the wages of Rank and File Workers wages have declined and what used to be good paying jobs with benefits have slowly disappeared as corporations shifted to outsourcing, using tax breaks to move operations overseas, and used loopholes to make workers independent contractors. All the while, corporations bring in record profits, corporate executives get huge salaries and bonuses, and politicians benefit from huge donations, and the perks and benefits of serving in public office.

We have entered the new age of Labor. Workers have realized that when they unify and present concrete demands to management there is a response. Knowing that our labor is the true creator of Wealth, workers are in a position to create leverage by showing management they are organized and serious about getting a livable wage and fair and equal treatment in the workplace.

WTF Workers AKA We’re the Future believes in Worker Power and the power of unionization. The organization seeks to collaborate and cooperate with unions, nonprofits involved in the labor movement, as well as, organizations that support causes that directly intersect workers rights including but not limited to reproductive rights, affordable housing, equal access to healthcare, and equal access to education.

  • Help your unit decide what is most important to them. It’s critical to have a focus and know exactly what you want in your workplace. What will make meaningful and permanent changes in your workplace? These are the kinds of questions we ask you during a consultation.
  • Provide support to workers who are harassed, retaliated against or illegally fired for organizing activities. It’s critical that workers are supported to last through the long haul. We have programs and services to help workers deal with trauma, financial stress, In addition, we provide programs and services to navigate the legal process and provide advice on working with government agencies and other stakeholders as a Worker’s case unfolds. **Please note that we are not lawyers. We provide assistance on dealing with a variety of situations (we’ve been there; we know what it’s like; we’ll support you) that arise during legal processes that typically are not the role of an agency or lawyer. We there to help to navigate the process NOT to provide legal advice**
  • When invited, we assist with Strikes. We know that the Strike is the sharpest tool in the toolbox when used the right way. Let us know how we can help: media relations, printing support, coordination, community engagement. Let us know we’ll be there with you.