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Educating Workers about their rights is one of our pillars. With education comes power. Empowerment then leads to meaning actions with measurable results. A problem facing Workers is that there is confusion about their rights in the workplace often due to misinformation disseminated by the employer, the public, and politicians.

We discovered that when we informed workers of the wrongs that were being done to them and that in some cases their employer was breaking the law, Workers became emboldened and willing to take action. Armed with the appropriate information, an informed Worker can educate their colleagues and are in a position to overcome the objections or threats of their employer during organizing efforts. The challenge we face is getting this valuable information to Workers who have busy schedules. Workers do not necessarily have the ability to attend a typical workshop or conference due to schedules and financial hardships.

To address this issue we conduct webinars and podcasts that are accessible anytime. In addition, we will be hosting Regional Worker Summits that are FREE to Workers. We will survey workers in these Regions to determine the best day/time for these Summits and create programming around the most pressing issues they are facing as a Workers.

Would you like to speak or know someone who would be a good speaker on our Podcast or at a Worker Summit?

Please let us know and we will reach out!