about us

WTF Workers aka We’re the Future mission is to empower the workers of the future with education, resources, and products to create work positive work environments that are fair, equitable, and unifying.

WTF Workers AKA We’re the Future is a worker advocacy organization with three primary goals:

  1. Empower workers with education and resources so workers know their rights in the workplace.
  2. Address bullying, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace by installing prevention programs and developing workplace intervention programs to stop these practices and create workplace accountability systems.
  3. Ensure that workers who have been unjustly fired or forced to quit because of organizing efforts have appropriate resources while awaiting reinstatement or have options to train and gain new skills to seek other employment.
WTF Workers AKA We’re the Future believes in Worker Power and the power of unionization. The organization seeks to collaborate and cooperate with unions, nonprofits involved in the labor movement, as well as, organizations that support causes that directly intersect workers rights including but not limited to reproductive rights, affordable housing, equal access to healthcare, and equal access to education.

What We Do



Facilitate organizing campaigns to assist workers in activities designed to motivate employers to meet the demands of workers.



Educate workers on their rights and how to effectively organize



Assist fired workers with relevant resources during their time of need.


Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Bullying

Develop curriculum and programs to facilitate inculsion in the workplace and combat workplace Bullying